NHS Fife provides interpreting and translations services for patients, however there is no physical face-to-face interpreting at this time.

NHS Fife SMS Text Service

NHS Fife SMS Text Service is a non-emergency service for patients who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, unable to speak on the phone due to impairment or require accessible communication support. The text service supports communication between patients and the hospital or clinics. Information can also be sent via this text service to registered patients.

Text messages are answered regularly.

For patients to register to use this service send a text message to 07805800005 or for more information visit Just Sign Ltd.

NHS Inform

NHS Inform website is a health and care information service. To use this service visit NHS inform.

For speakers of British Sign Language (BSL) visit What is NHS Inform? BSL version.

NHS Inform has information in other languages, BSL, audio and Easyread. To find this information visit NHS Inform Translations.

NHS Inform uses Browseloud which supports and helps people read or listen to the information on the NHS Inform website. Browseloud can be found at the top right-hand side of the screen.

NHS 111

NHS 111 can help if you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To get help from NHS 111 call 111 or if you speak British Sign Language use the ContactSCOTLAND-BSL interpreting video relay service.

For more details on using NHS 111 service visit When to contact NHS 111.

Contacting the Emergency Services via Text Message

This text service is available for people with a hearing or verbal impairment. If you want to use this service it is advisable first to set up your phone and keep a note of the number. You will then be ready to use this service if you have an emergency in the future.

To registered for this text service:

  • Type the word register into your phone in a text message then send this message to 999. Do not type anything else.
  • You should receive a text message back with the instructions on how to complete the registration process.

Once registered please only text 999 in an emergency. Once a text message is received, an emergency service will respond to your message.

For more details on using this service visit the How to send a text in an emergency to 999 guide.

Should you encounter any problems using this service, please visit the emergency services website at emergencysms.net or send email to: [email protected].

For further information contact Justsign Ltd by text at 07780443482 or Fife Council Deaf Communication Service by text at 07984356580.

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Communication and Finding Information

British Sign Language

Justsign Ltd

Justsign Ltd is a local interpreting company who provides current video information on COVID-19 in British Sign Language.

Justsign Ltd can also relay information from NHS Fife. If you require this service, please contact Donna Jewell by text on 07780443482 (24 hours) where a time will be arranged for communication.

Communication will take place using Facetime, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp video at an appropriate time for a three way conversation with the service you require. For more information visit Just Sign website or the BSL Just Sign Facebook page.

Deaf Communication Service (DCS)

Health and Social Care Partnership, Deaf Communication Service (DCS) is working in partnership with NHS Fife to create accessible local information for Deaf BSL users. These clips can be found on the Deaf Communication Service BSL YouTube channel.

Deaf Communication Service provides advice and support about specialist equipment for Deaf BSL users, hard of hearing, deafened and Deafblind people at home and in the workplace. They also offer other services. For more details visit the Fife Council Deaf Communication Service.

If you are D/deaf, for more information send a text to 07984356580 or visit the Fife Council Deaf Communication Service.

You can also follow DCS on Facebook at facebook.com/FifeDCS and Twitter @FifeDCS.

ContactScotland BSL

ContactScotland BSL is Scotland’s British Sign Language Interpreting Video Relay Service (VRS) which allows you to contact all of Scotland’s public bodies and third sector organisations. For more details on how to use this service, contact Scotland BSL.

The British Deaf Association

The British Deaf Association has information in BSL on COVID-19 on their website.

Community Languages

Fife Community Interpreting Service provides face-to-face interpreting for NHS Fife, however during the Coronavirus pandemic they will provide help with information for patients and the public. They also hold and share translated COVID-19 materials in community languages. To contact Fife Community Interpreting Service visit Fife Community Language Interpreting.

Interpreting for Community Languages and British Sign Language via the video or telephone service

Within NHS Fife, there are Interpreter on Wheels devices (IOW) at various sites. These devices connect to a face-to-face community language interpreters, BSL interpreters and telephone interpreters.

A device is located at the new COVID-19 Primary Care Assessment Centre, at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy.

Translations of Written Materials

If you require information to be translated into another language, audio, BRAILLE or Large Print please contact your clinic or send email to [email protected].

Test and Protect

Information on the Scottish Government's Test and Protect strategy is available in a range of languages from the Scottish Government website.

Scotland’s Route Map Phase 3 - Easy Read

Easy to read information on Phase 3 of Scotland's lockdown.

Gypsy/Travellers Scotland

Information for gypsy/travellers in Scotland can be found on the Gypsy/Travellers Scotland: Coronavirus Information – Health and Wellbeing Facebook group.

Other Support - Fife Centre for Equalities

This organisation provides information and support and can be contacted by phone on 01592 645 310, Text message on 07800005834 or email at [email protected].

More information can be found at centreforequalities.org.uk or via Facebook / Messenger facebook.com/fifecentreforequalities/ and Twitter at twitter.com/FCE_Team .